“She was highly recommended by my doctor to work on my back to help release some ugly chronic tightness and knots of tension. She is soo AMAZING,  both really technical as well as super sincere and an awesome person. Be warned, you’ll never let another masseuse touch you afterwards because you’ll be spoiled.  :)”

by Anthony I.  

“I’ve been suffering from shoulder pain that causes headaches for years and haven’t found anything that helps until I found Nadia. I’ve had many massages in the past that barely scratched the surface of my pain.  She helped so much in the first session that I’ve been going weekly and have noticed so much progress. Somehow she also finds other places that need work without me saying anything. I’m also a runner and she knows exactly what areas to focus on to support my fitness. I can’t recommend her enough!”

by Erin A. 

“Nadia is a master at her craft. I’ve never had a massage until my wife recommended I go see Nadia. My leg muscles were tight and my planter facia was giving me warning signs of much needed stretching. Nadia worked her magic and after a few sessions my legs feel great and no pain in planter facia. My runs have improved as well  as my quality of life over all.”

by Daniel A 

“Nadia is fantastic. The massage touches all the right nerves and Nadia is a delightful person. She is punctual, easy-going, considerate and attentive. She has strong hands but a soft easy-going manner. Nadia is an in-home masseuse who is (frankly) much much better than any masseuse in the city at any top-rated hotel. Definitely book Nadia!”

by John K 

“I’m an active performing violinist and have had serious back and neck problems as a result of practicing several hours a day. A friend referred me to Nadia who was very helpful and sweet. She gave me a very insightful consultation and the most amazing massages I have ever experience. Not only is her technique excellent but her energy seems to heal every fiber of the body instantly. As a result, I have more flexibility and efficiency in my movements when performing and most importantly, I’m pain-free.”

by Hana S. 

“HANDS. FROM. HEAVEN. I consider myself a bit of a massage connoisseur (snob) so my expectations were already unrealistically high before the massage began. When the massage ended, I was practically begging for more. 
WOW. Where to begin? When Nadia arrived, she took the time to get to know me which translated into a massage that seemed to transcend physical touch, into cosmic energy balance and re-calibration. Her ability to resonate on such a deep vibration allowed her to decode the messages my body was sending, transposing a massage that felt familiar, intuitive and comforting. Nadia’s knows where you need to go, and how to take you there.”

by Gene E.

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